Friday, April 13, 2012

Swagbucks - The Best Reward Site on the Web!!

Swagbucks is seriously the best rewards site on the web today. They have really grown since they first started. Starting only with rewarding with free ringtones to now having a huge selection of rewards you can redeem for. Those items include electronics, books, household items and even virtual/gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks and more, as well as a cash out to Paypal. Most everyone gets Amazon cards since you can get pretty much any and every thing from there.
Swagbucks rewards you for doing what you already do on a daily basis, using the internet. 

  • Coupons You earn 10 SB per coupons you redeem. Takes 8 to 12 weeks for it to fully cycle and post to your account.
  • Daily Deals – There are a lot of different deals posted here you can earn SB from.
  • Daily Poll – Simply answer the daily poll question 1 SB (per day)
  • Games – play 3 game rounds (of any game) and earn 2 SB
  • NOSO - skip through all of the offers unless you want to do one and enter phrase at the end – 2 SB
  • Searching – different amounts to win (Fridays potential to win more, called MSBD or Mega Swagbucks Day
  • Special Offers – there are all kinds of free things you can do, watching videos is one of the easiest. You just have to go through all of them to see what you want to do. The higher the SB payout, means more than likely you have to spend money. Sometimes there are good deals honestly.
  • Swagbucks TV (SBTV)– this is one of the easiest ways to earn. Watch 10 videos (and you only have to watch for 30 sec until the meter at the top right moves up) earn 3 SB per 10 vids. IF you have an Android phone (not on iPhone) there is an app for this TV. It is separate from the web version. 5 videos earns you 2 SB AND it runs on it’s own without having to press play on each video like you do on the web version. MAX of 50 per day for mobile version (25 rounds of 5 vids), MAX of 100 per day for web version (50 rounds of 10 vids)
  • Tasks – These are time consuming tasks you do. They are all mainly some form of internet research you do for SB payment in return.
  • Trade In’s – you can trade in games, consoles and books. It will calculate for you how much you will earn before you send it to them. Different amounts depending on item.
  • Trusted Surveys – great payouts and you get 1 SB for at least trying (up to 5 per day) but you can take as many as you want, no limit.
  • Codes – get on Facebook fan page and when people are saying “thanks for the code” you'll know there is one out there. Found normally on Facebook, Twitter and Blog. People will post clues but NEVER the actual code as you can get deactivated from your account and NO ONE wants that with as GREAT as Swagbucks is.
  • Referrals – you get matched what your friends make, only on search wins though, up to 1000 SB max per person.
  • Toolbar – if you install the toolbar, for clicking on it once daily, you’ll earn 1 SB. This is also useful for SBTV because you can still use the internet doing other things while SBTV is on top of everything in a smaller window allowing you to see it and change it as soon as the meter goes up.
  • Swagstakes - This is like sweepstakes you enter.  You enter the drawing by paying the requested amount of Swagbucks for entries.  You can win all the same things as they offer in the SwagStore and even win LARGE amounts of Swagbucks!
  • Contests - Swagbucks is constantly coming up with new ways to keep the fun going.  They are always running contests being as individual against everyone or in teams. 
  • Collector Bills - These come out around every single holiday.  There are always 5 to collect, which you win form searching.  Once you collect all five, you win a specified bonus amount.
  • Facebook and Twitter - They are always playing small games on each of these sites under their pages.  Games include trivia and to be the first one/few to post a particular picture or complete a task.
  • Hourly Random Winner - This is a random drawing held hourly.  You do not have to do anything other than be logged on.  For the longest time I though I would never win then one day I DID!  In the blog is where you can find out who the hourly winner currently is.  I actually have a trick to share with you.  If you have an unlimited data plan (I do not recommend using otherwise) then go HERE.  You can follow this page and allow mobile alerts, and be alerted for every winner there is, so you never miss your name or a friends name!  Just remember, you ONLY have one hour to claim your bucks though!!
  • Mobile App - You can earn swagbucks while on the go with their SBTV app. This is just like the SBTV as mentioned above yet it is separate, meaning you can have both running as the limits are separate of one another.  You can earn up to 50 additional per day.  iOS download here, Android download here.

Always keep an eye on their blog for the most up-to-date news.

If you have ANY questions what so ever, please let me know because I am more than happy to help any of you out. Swagging101 is a GREAT how to site and the Facebook fan page are the two best places to get a lot of info from. Most people on there are more than willing to answer your questions and help a newbie out, as long as you are willing to help yourself in the process. Check out this video on YouTube on how it works.

I also have a more detailed blog post about it that can be found here describing in detail how to earn the most swagbucks for your time.