Monday, July 1, 2013

InstaGC - A GPT Site

InstaGC, short for Instant Gift Cards, is an amazing site that lets you earn virtual currency for doing activities online such as watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more. 

One of the best rewards in my opinion is earning a free amazon gift card
Simply earn 500 SL (survival loot) to redeem for your first $5 gift card.

They offer many different brands of gift cards including Best Buy, Dominos, Game Stop, Olive Garden and a VERY long list of many more.   

SIGN UP HERE (Get 10 coins to get you started)

After sign up, this is what the home page looks like.

EARN POINTS (in the upper left hand corner)

This is the most used section.

All of these offers vary from simply watching a video, signing up/registering on a website, to doing a free trial, downloading an app or making a purchase.  The smaller the activity, the smaller the payout.  Like a video is not going to pay you as much as an offer that you make a purchase on.  You do not have to purchase anything to earn on this site, but if you DO, you earn that much faster.  

Each screenshot shows examples of the offers each wall has to offer.  These change constantly from day to day and are different from person to person.
  • HyprMX (videos)  

  • Radium One (offers, videos and surveys)

  • Peanut Labs (offers, videos and surveys)

  • CrowdFlower (tasks)

  • Matomy Money  (offers, videos and surveys)

  • Token Ads (offers, videos and surveys)

  • Volume 11 (videos) 

  • SuperSonic Ads (offers, videos and surveys)


  • TrialPay (offers and surveys)

  • Payment Wall  (offers, videos and surveys)

  • BLVD (offers, videos and surveys)
  • Super Rewards (offers, videos and surveys)

Each offer wall has its own customer support should you have any crediting issues or any other problems.  Most of them can be found in the upper right corner of each wall saying HELP, SUPPORT, MORE, etc.
Each wall looks and works different also.  Some scroll down, some scroll sideways, some have multiple tabs at the top for different categories.



This is all the same walls as mentioned above but only all videos.


This is just as it sounds, you get paid to click to visit website, such as Amazon and other big name sites.


CODES - From time to time, InstaGC will release codes on their Facebook and Twitter pages that can be in turn entered here for extra points.

COUPONS - These are coupons you can print out and you earn points per redeemed coupon.


This is different than on any other site I belong to and is really neat.  There are a few different sites offered (like Amazon, Tiger Direct, Fisher Price and a few others) that you give a specific link to your friends and family to make their purchases through and you earn anywhere from 2-20% back (depending on the site) on everything they purchase.  So you earn when they spend money,  HOW COOL IS THAT??



Ready to redeem your points?  If you have at least 500 you are. There are 3 things you can do with your points: redeem for a gift card, request a check (YES, that's correct, REAL CASH FOR YOUR POCKET) or you can donate them for charities.  On this site, every 100 points is equivalent to $1.  so 500 points equals $5.


They offer rewards for the top 5 people in each category listed for daily, weekly and monthly winners.  I have not ever made it high enough on these lists to win but I know people who have and it really does pay out well if you win.

Well I hope I have explained this all enough to make you want to join and start earning your first reward and many rewards after that.

Please let me know if you have any questions as I am here to help you the best I can.  They also have a live chat on the home page with moderators that are there to help you.  You can also join their FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages for more help, as well as check out their GUIDES page here.

ENJOY and see you there!



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