Friday, October 24, 2014

Easily Convert Files from G-Mail Attachments Using Google Sheets

Depending on the version of Microsoft Office you have installed on your computer, you may have experienced problems opening certain Office files. Office 2007 and newer has some different files format extensions than what the older versions provide.

Take an Excel spreadsheet, for example. The old Excel format is .xls, but with the newer versions it is .xlsx which makes it where you cannot open the file (a trial offer may pop up asking you to try or buy) using an older Windows version.

This is a problem I experience at work a lot due to receiving email attachments from people who use newer versions. So I happened to stumble upon an easy way to convert those files to be a format I can actually open.

Using this method, you can easily convert those XLSX files, for example, to PDF, ODS (OpenDocument format), CSV (comma-separated values), TSV (Tab-separated values) and ZIP files. I found the one that works best for me is to convert to a PDF (which is opened via Adobe Acrobat Reader) as most everyone has this program already installed on their computers.

Follow these steps:

First off, while in GMail, if you have an attachment, it will be shown at the bottom of the email and you can easily see the file extension right there to help you determine if it needs converting or not (see screenshot A)
To get to Google Sheets, you can either click on the little pencil icon on the attachment (see Screenshot B) OR if you have already clicked on the attachment and are in preview mode, you can click on Open With and select Google Sheets (see Screenshot C).

Once you get to Google Sheets and it completely loads, you can do whatever editing you may want to do right from there.  Then when you are ready to convert and save, click on File in the top left corner. Click on Download As and then select the file format you'd like to convert to (see Screenshot D). Unfortunately there is a limited number of formats to convert to but as I mentioned, PDFs seem to work beautifully for me.

All of the formats will open a Save As box (PDF choice will first pop up an options box where you'll click EXPORT at the bottom of the window). Choose where you'd like to save the file and VIOLA!  Your file is now converted.  So much easier than having to find, research and download a new converting software program.

Enjoy and happy converting!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

View Full Websites on iOS & Android

Many of you, like me, get frustrated when you visit a website on your iOS or Android mobile device and it forces you to the "mobile" version of their website.  Most of those mobile sites are scaled down in terms of features and things you can actually do.

These sites put an "m" or the word "mobile" in the front of the mobile web address and in some instances you can take that out and it forces the full site to open. Take for example. This is not one of those sites unfortunately. So what do you do?   Wait until you get to a desktop?  Sounds like a hassle to me. What's the point in having a mobile device if you can't accomplish what you need to do?

Follow these steps on how to work your way around this "force" field.

1. Install Google Chrome for your device.
Google Chrome for iOS from the App Store.
Chrome Browser for Android from Google Play

2. Open Chrome and type in the address you are having problems with.  

3. Click on the settings menu (i.e. the three horizontal lines) and select Request Desktop Site

BAM!  A fully functional site now available at your fingertips while on-the-go.  Wasn't that easy?   And even if you don't care for Chrome, at least you have it for those stubborn mobile sites. 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where is the Compatibility View Button in IE 11?

In earlier versions of IE (Internet Explorer), if you came across a web page that was misbehaving or had missing/misplaced buttons, links, pictures etc, you could easily hit the Compatibility View button at the top of the screen in the address bar. 

This button was made to correct issues that website developers were not able to anticipate for when new versions of the browser were created.

Now in IE 11, they took this button away.  So, how can you still use this buttons feature to correct the incompatibility issues? 

First COPY the WEB ADDRESS of the page you are experiencing the problems on.

Then, click on TOOLS at the top of your screen and select COMPATIBILITY VIEW SETTINGS.

PASTE the address into the field "Add this website" at the top of the window that opened and click ADD.

Close out of IE completely to ensure the change took place.  Open IE again and go back to the same page you were having the problems with.   Problems should now be resolved.

Not sure why IE took that convenient button out from the top of the page but at least there is still a way to accomplish the same thing, with unfortunately a few extra steps added though.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails with OtherInbox

Do you get emails cluttering your inbox of newsletters, offers and advertisements? We all get them and we all pretty much hate them.  They clog up our inboxes, keeping us from finding what we need and taking too much of our time to filter through them.

When you come across an email you no longer want to receive, open it and scroll to the very bottom and locate the UNSUBSCRIBE option.  Do this ONLY on emails you trust, NOT emails in your junk mail as those may be problematic upon opening.

Here are a few ways to eliminate them:

Go to OtherInbox
Sign up for the Unsubscriber feature.

This puts a folder in your email where all you have to do is drag and drop the unwanted email onto the folder and it unsubscribes FOR YOU - how easy is that??

For those of you who do not want to sign up or register for even one more thing
For those of you who want to see and do for yourself, for satisfaction of knowing for sure it is taken care of.

Use the UNSUBSCRIBE feature at the bottom of most all emails.

Here is an email I receive from MTV Insider but no longer want it as I never read it.

After scrolling to the bottom and clicking on UNSUBSCRIBE, you will be sent to another screen telling you that you have been unsubscribed.

Here is another one I receive from NuturMe

Sometimes you may have to enter the email address of the email you want unsuscribed.  Simply type it in and it works the same way.

You will received a confirmation.

Now go through and rid yourself of all those unwanted emails and start living a more clutter free INBOX life!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Set Autofill on iOS

Are you tired of filling in all the same information on website forms? There is an easy fix with Autofill.

When you are typing, you may have noticed the buttons in the top left of your keyboard PREVIOUS, NEXT and AUTOFILL. To get the Austofill option working, follow these steps:

First we need to create a contact of all your own personal info, if you have not done so already (which most people do not keep a contact of themselves - but it is actually a great idea for emergencies, labeled ME)

CREATE NEW of all your info (address, phone numbers, birthday, etc)


Click on SAFARI
Toggle "Use Contact Info" to ON
Tap on My Info and select the contact you just created or the one you already had.

Next time you are ready to fill in a form online, select a field to start typing in and when the keyboard pops up, select AUTOFILL and all the information will be filled in for you automatically.

Now get that AUTOFILL working for you and give those fingers a rest from the needless repetition.